Brief for Good SEO Positioning


SEO Specialist

When beginning to work on a website for SEO positioning on search engines, it’s essential to establish a preliminary report (Brief) containing all the detailed project information to define the guidelines and scope to follow.


There are many aspects to consider when creating a good SEO brief:


1. Contact Information:
It’s fundamental to have clear contact information for the company in case of doubts during the project.


2. Access:
This includes all the accesses to information management tools such as:

-Google Analytics

-Google Search Console

-Gestor de contenidos


3. Relevant Company Information:

In this section, gather all the basic information about the company, including:

  • Company Description:

    Knowing detailed information about the company allows for a clear understanding of the market niche in which it operates, its services, products, and more. This helps to structure the appropriate content.

  • Historical Context:

    Understanding if any SEO actions were previously implemented gives a guide to understanding what has been done.


  1. Competition:
    Knowing the competition is crucial to compare, learn from them, see what actions they’re taking, and act accordingly.


  1. Target Audience Profile:
    Understanding the brand’s target audience and their characteristics such as:

  • Age

  • Sex

  • language

  • level of expertise

  • seasonality

  • Culture

  • locality

  • type of market they operate in (B2B or B2C)


  1. Brand Keywords:

It’s vital to know the brand’s priority positioning keywords. Ideally, the client should provide a list of priority keywords, which will serve as the basis for creating the SEO strategy to follow.


  1. SEO Strategy Objectives:

To develop an SEO project, it’s essential to establish objectives that align with the client’s business needs. This will provide a deeper understanding of the brand’s expectations.


“Information provided by the client is the best source of inspiration to carry out your work and create the best content.”