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The combination of AI automation and human personalization is presented as a valuable differential. Video marketing and social networks are highlighted as effective tools, but challenges in customer retention are noted due to generational changes and online user behaviors.

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

AI has succeeded in identifying high-value prospects, personalizing content, and automating routine tasks, freeing up time for more strategic initiatives.

When AI automation is combined with human personalization, value is generated in the buyer’s journey, which translates into the sought-after differential value for brands and users.

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Video marketing as a key conversion factor

Especially in an information-saturated context, video marketing is allowing for capturing and maintaining attention. According to the Wistia platform, ideal customers spend 1.4 times more time on a website with video than on one without, and most humans retain 95% more of what they see than what they read.

For this reason, it can be identified that nearly 88% of people have been persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching a video, which has compelled brands to experiment with audiovisual content that meets the characteristic of being short-lived, thus making it viewable on all platforms and formats.


Constant adaptation of Social Networks

With new generations of consumers and the different scenarios we have experienced on social networks, a phenomenon has been identified that prompts us to ask, What should be the path to retention?

This is why the challenges are greater, not only due to privacy concerns but also because users exhibit digital fatigue even though this is a crucial channel that grows every day.

However, information search used to be the main reason for being online; its importance has diminished, and product research before purchase has dropped by 8% among consumers. This has happened because, according to recent data shared by Google, almost half of young people prefer to seek answers on TikTok or Instagram rather than Google or Search.

For this reason, behaviors respond to the trend of creating “raw” and unpolished content, giving naturalness to the experiences and consumption moments that internet users live.

This form of content has not only endured but also seems to continue growing and nurturing the journey that users have with brands.

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The digital era in the world we live in

Information gathering and user monitoring have experienced significant changes due to the elimination of third-party cookies.

Obtaining first-hand data through subscriptions and surveys, along with strengthening SEO strategies for YouTube to counteract traffic loss, are crucial approaches in this constantly evolving environment.

Likewise, it is clear that the industry is undergoing a profound digital transformation. Adapting to changing trends, understanding the importance of personalization, and focusing on authentic visual content are essential for success in the new digital landscape.

Inbound marketing is safe as long as marketers continue to innovate and listen to customer and consumer trends.

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