How to create a unique POS experience and connect with the brand’s premium audience digitally and take them to the stores to try new products and increase sales. Additionally, how to replicate this experience across all stores within one country, and guarantee consistency.


We created DIOR TAKES OVER, an alliance with local retailers throughout Latin America, to provide a unique experience to their premium buyers. To attract their interest, we generated demand via digital media campaigns, email marketing, and influencers, to book a flash make up with a professional make up artist.

Via data intelligence, we were able to create recommendations and up-sell at the stores.


DIOR TAKES OVER became the largest event created by a brand with a local retailer in Latin America.


We started in 2018, and today it is an institutional platform that is both expected by retailers and consumers across the region.


users in own databases


units sold each year

+USD 1.8

Millions of attributed annual sales


growth in some countries


High-end strategies & creative ideas and the results generated for our clients.


We research and analyze the market, the industry, the audiences, and the competitive environment to design the ideal strategy for brands and businesses based on relevant insights and trends.
We believe that creativity is the variable for success and we view creativity as a way to add value to the business. For this reason, we set communication, content, and campaign strategies focused on the business' objetives to generate effective results.
We provide full-funnel solutions to our clients. Our team of specialized professionals create awareness, consideration and conversion strategies focused on generating measurable results. If we can't measure it, we won't do it.
We view our clients' marketing and communications needs as an integral part of the business. Data becomes a key element in the decision-making process and as such we have developed methodologies to extract, organize, visualize, monitor, and analyze diverse data points to make recommendations that will improve results.
We are constantly innovating and incorporating the use of advanced digital technologies that generate better, more consistent, and faster results to our clients' marketing and communication efforts.