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When beginning to work on a website for SEO positioning on search engines, it’s essential to establish a preliminary report (Brief) containing all the detailed project information to define the guidelines and scope to follow.


There are many aspects to consider when creating a good SEO brief:


1. Contact Information:
It’s fundamental to have clear contact information for the company in case of doubts during the project.


2. Access:
This includes all the accesses to information management tools such as:

-Google Analytics

-Google Search Console

-Gestor de contenidos


3. Relevant Company Information:

In this section, gather all the basic information about the company, including:

  • Company Description:

    Knowing detailed information about the company allows for a clear understanding of the market niche in which it operates, its services, products, and more. This helps to structure the appropriate content.

  • Historical Context:

    Understanding if any SEO actions were previously implemented gives a guide to understanding what has been done.


  1. Competition:
    Knowing the competition is crucial to compare, learn from them, see what actions they’re taking, and act accordingly.


  1. Target Audience Profile:
    Understanding the brand’s target audience and their characteristics such as:

  • Age

  • Sex

  • language

  • level of expertise

  • seasonality

  • Culture

  • locality

  • type of market they operate in (B2B or B2C)


  1. Brand Keywords:

It’s vital to know the brand’s priority positioning keywords. Ideally, the client should provide a list of priority keywords, which will serve as the basis for creating the SEO strategy to follow.


  1. SEO Strategy Objectives:

To develop an SEO project, it’s essential to establish objectives that align with the client’s business needs. This will provide a deeper understanding of the brand’s expectations.


“Information provided by the client is the best source of inspiration to carry out your work and create the best content.”

Valeria Ochoa

Marketing professional with 5 years of experience focused on the creation and evaluation of SEO, email marketing, and automation strategies for various industries.

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