How to create a unique POS experience and connect with the brand’s premium audience digitally and take them to the stores to try new products and increase sales. Additionally, how to replicate this experience across all stores within one country, and guarantee consistency.


We created DIOR TAKES OVER, an alliance with local retailers throughout Latin America, to provide a unique experience to their premium buyers. To attract their interest, we generated demand via digital media campaigns, email marketing, and influencers, to book a flash make up with a professional make up artist. Via data intelligence, we were able to create recommendations and up-sell at the stores.


DIOR Takes Over became the largest event created by a brand with a local retailer in Latin America. We started in 2018, and today it is an institutional platform that is both expected by retailers and consumers across the region.


4 Days
Dior Takes Over Sephora Brasil


3 Days
Dior Takes Over Juleriaque Argentina