Good practices for advertising through email marketing on Black Friday & Cyber Monday


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“The key to making any strategy work is in the planning prior to the event”

The best email marketing campaigns for Black Friday & Cyber Monday are those that at all times manage to make an impact, attract attention and, above all, incite user action without having to be invasive.


The key for any strategy to work is in the planning prior to the event, that is, having an organized schedule of dates, key moments in which the emails must go out and adequate segmentation of the database, this in order to be more assertive and less invasive.


That is why we have certain tips for you that can help you organize so that this date is a success.

Black Friday:


1. It’s essential to send emails communicating what’s going to happen in the next few days, approximately 15 days before the date. As the day approaches, the communication and sending of emails should be intensified.


2. A tip that works well for all brands, products, and services is to provide users with information about what’s going to happen in the next few days. This is done so that they can set aside the date and savings to carry out the respective purchases.


3. Send a couple of emails a few days before Black Friday to show users which products will be discounted and clarify which ones don’t apply. This way, they can make the purchase decision at least one week before the event.


4. The best Black Friday emails use terms and images that create a sense of urgency or need in their texts, such as:

    • Only a few hours left!
    • Limited stock available!
    • Last chance! Only one day of discount!
    • Few units in stock!
    • Only 3 units available! 20 hours and 10 seconds left to buy!
    • Gifts with countdown timers.


5. It’s ideal to include photos of the best products in the email to generate a need to purchase.


6. Rewarding loyal customers and people who subscribe to newsletters is essential. Offering them exclusive discounts for their loyalty will motivate them, such as a higher discount or free shipping. It’s ideal to mention these types of benefits from the email’s subject line to generate a higher open rate.

Cyber Monday:

1. Try to warm up your users with relevant emails throughout the weekend in order to anticipate what will happen on Monday.


2. Intensify communication right after Black Friday ends and always direct the message to make the user understand that there is still time to purchase what they want at a discount.


3. Specify in the emails the percentage of discount that will take place on that day and which products it applies to.


4. Provide a small sample of products in the emails, that is, put your best products in photos so that they are visible.


5. Having a countdown timer is essential to generate urgency and need.

And what are you waiting for to plan your strategy for these days?


Apply our tips and you will surely have very successful campaigns!

Valeria Ochoa

Marketing professional with 5 years of experience focused on the creation and evaluation of SEO, email marketing, and automation strategies for various industries.

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