The Zumba instructors network is a large international community that for years has worked around a single goal:
Bringing dancing to thousands of people and establishing a whole channel of support for instructors.


Zumba has thousands of spokespersons around the world, each with their own unique voice, extending brand messages to their own audiences.

Unify the message, take advantage of the full scope of their instructor’s network, enhancing all their capacity, and reaching out to their audiences through their social networks.


We proposed a platform called:


Marketing on Facebook and Instagram.


A learning platform designed so that members of the Zumba instructor network have access to educational content on basic social media management and student attraction strategies.


We deliver a set of digital tools 100% oriented to specific objectives, printing the DNA of the brand.


From Social Media Management, to how to advertise on social networks, making a very complete path to new skills and tools.



Thousands of Instructors improving the use and good practices in social networks to communicate and connect with their audiences.

Generation of unified brand messages, enhancing the reach of their community

New student attraction

Thanks to the positive impact and good results, the platform was scaled and executed globally by training the entire network of instructors