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Colombina, a leading consumer goods company in Colombia, faced the challenge of scaling Market Colombina's sales in its Online store on a regular basis, generating a spike in traffic to physical stores on promotional days and increasing its brand awareness.


In collaboration with Colombina, we activated campaigns in the coverage areas of the Colombina Markets for their home delivery service, with an average ROAS of more than 4.5x over the last two years.

Likewise, we implemented a solid content strategy with high CTRs and defined the most transactional products for the channel. In addition, we activate physical points through the geolocation of more than 70 stores nationwide and the generation of 4KM Media Ads around. All of this translated into a 70% increase in-store sales versus regular days and a 45x ROAS.


Scaling of Market Colombina sales in its Online store and in physical stores


These results are proof of the success of the implemented strategy and demonstrate how the activation of campaigns in the coverage areas and the geolocation of physical points can help brands to scale their sales in a profitable and sustainable way online and in physical stores.

+4.5X ROAS

above average for the past two years

70% Increase

in store sales vs. regular days

Increase in online sales of Market Colombina on a regular basis.


in the generation of Media Ads 4KM around the markets

Increase in Brand Positioning

Generation of a spike in traffic to physical stores on promotion days.


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